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Enjo Business Review – Is It a Great Home-Based Business?

This Enjo Business Review will give you a brief introduction to Enjo – the company, it’s products, compensation plan and business opportunity.

Enjo is among the major companies that manufacture cleaning products that are both nature friendly and chemical-free. Whilst researching for this Enjo business review I have found a company that sells highly proficient microfiber cleaning gloves and cloths that are safe to use throughout the home. I have used Enjo myself for many years and have been very pleased with the products. Enjo is sold through direct sales via network marketing. This Enjo business review will aim to give you a better insight about the company’s products, origin and how you can earn money with Enjo.

About the company

The company, Enjo, was established in Austria in 1990 by Johannes Engl. The company has expanded widely over the years and is now active in over 26 countries. At the moment, there are many distributors globally promoting Enjo products, which are sold by customers hosting in-home demonstrations. Whilst researching this Enjo business review I found that this company, which opened its doors in the United States back in 2003, has grown steadily economically making it very firm leader in the market. Enjo is one of the top-performing MLM companies in the last six months.

Enjo products

The microfiber used in Enjo’s products may seem like a simple fabric, but because it is used without detergents and only with water, they are a very effective and safe alternative to harsh chemicals. This is what makes their cleaning cloths different because of the uniqueness of the fiber they use in their products. The microfiber cleaning cloths are available for different areas of the home such as bathroom, kitchen, dusting and floors. Due to their eco-friendliness, it is hygienic to use them and your home can look fresh and clean. These products are perfect for anyone with allergies in the home or if you simply want to be environmentally friendly. Enjo products come with a satisfaction guarantee of 30 days together with a product warranty of two years. The advantages of several of these features make the selling and distribution of Enjo products easier and more profitable.

Enjo compensation plan

Obviously after reading this Enjo business review you may start thinking that it would be a great idea to try your hand in the distribution of Enjo products. Being a specialist and joining a team of smart entrepreneurs offers you many exceptional business opportunities. The rewards can be outstanding if you’re a successful Enjo Business Consultant – earning from 20%-36% on your sales. There are also bonuses and travel rewards depending on your success In promoting and selling Enjo’s products and signing new people up to join your business.

Enjo’s business opportunity

If you are having a look at this Enjo business review, then you are probably already thinking how you can join and start earning a living from this business. If that’s the case, then read on for more information!

There are a number of ways that one accumulates money through distributorship – both by selling products and building a “downline” of distributors in your team. You need to understand the compensation arrangement that provides upfront and potentially good income – if you are successful. It is an important factor to note because if the compensation plan is lacking then it may not be a good deal for the distributors. You will also need to purchase a Business Kit to get started. In short, distributors should be able to make money immediately as they continue which can also be known as ‘now’ money, as much as they should also make passive income which may also be known ‘later’ money.

Should you sign up for Enjo?

Since Enjo has good products, compensation plan and business opportunities, then thinking of Enjo as the way to go would be a good idea. In summary, this Enjo business review shows us the company’s solidity in the market and within its operations thus making it viable to be considered. Although Enjo is a stable company with good infrastructure and may give you a chance to work from home and build a successful business, it may not offer a reliable income.

After reading this Enjo Business Review, you know that the products are good and you may assume that this is enough to guarantee your success however this will depend on how you build and manage your team and what training you receive. If you learn good network marketing skills and techniques then you could make a very successful business at home for yourself.

Starting a Business in Europe – Tips for Non European Natives

If you are a non-European native, starting a business in Europe can at times seem very daunting. The regulations you must adhere to change from country to country within Europe, cultural specifics often come into play, and finding someone who actually speaks the language of your corporate destination may be hard to find. Even when you cross all of those bridges, how do you figure out which accountants or attorneys to use? Sure, you could spend hours, even days, scouring the internet, interviewing business formation experts and studying up on all the relevant business laws, but isn’t there a better, quicker, more reliable way of starting a business in Europe? The good news is, if you follow the 5 tips regarding European company formation for foreigners below, your incorporation will be as fast and painless as possible.

1 – Use only local business pros based in Europe

Laws and regulations can change right in the middle of your incorporation efforts, and if you are not employing locals that live and work in the country of your choosing on a daily basis, you can be sunk. Demand that the European company formation expert you choose use only locally trained and headquartered European lawyers and accountants to handle your corporate filing. They work with the bureaucrats who do the paperwork for foreign and overseas business incorporation on a daily basis, and can ensure you the fastest, most stress-free filing possible, at the lowest cost.

2 – Employ a seasoned European corporation firm

New players to the scene arrive all the time, offering ridiculously low price points for incorporation. But before you go with the low ball estimate, ask about the company. Have they been in business long? How many countries do they handle? How many companies have they formed in the past? You are a successful business man or woman because you understand that you get what you pay for. Don’t be misled by bargain basement prices where starting a business in Europe is concerned.

3 – Choose the right country in Europe

There are 27 countries in the European Union (EU), and each one has the freedom to set their own incorporation regulations. When starting a business in Europe, choose carefully, and find the right one to suit your business’ unique needs. Need tax freedom? Ireland offers 0% tax for the first three years if you qualify. Want cheap, skilled labor? Spain may be the country for you. A seasoned company formation expert will know exactly what each country has to offer within Europe.

4 – Pick the right corporate entity in Europe

A Sole Proprietorship is a vastly different animal from a Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company. The vehicle you choose for your business, whether it is a new start-up, or you are purchasing a ready-made shelf company, is vital to the success of the business goals your company has. And different business formations have different rewards and requirements from country to country.

5 – Get a free consultation

Either through the internet, or by phone, only deal with experts that give you a free consultation before starting a business in Europe. Flat fee only companies with upfront payment schedules should be avoided at all costs. And on that call, make sure the European corporate expert answers each and every question to your satisfaction. Then and only then will you feel comfortable that you are in the hands of a respectable, trustworthy firm with your successful corporation goals in mind.